Director's Message

The Directorate of Economic Offences, West Bengal is entrusted with enforcement of certain Acts and Rules pertaining to different types of economic offences with primary focus on enforcement of West Bengal Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishments Act (WBPIDFE Act) and the Rules framed under it.

WBPIDFE Act received Presidential assent in 2015 and has seen one amendment in 2016. Rules under the Act were framed in 2016 and amended in 2017. The Act and the Rules aim at providing remedy to people who have been victims of financial institutions collecting deposits with promise of high returns and failing to pay up. It also aims to deter such unsustainable schemes through enforcement of penal provisions against the perpetrators of such schemes. The Act and Rules and their amendments are available on this website.

This website has been created to provide the much needed interface between the Directorate and the citizens towards a robust implementation of WBPIDFE Act and its Rules. It is being improved upon to include provisions for online request for enquiry, FAQ on the Act, Rules and the Directorate, submission of returns by the Financial Establishments and dissemination of timely information on Companies and establishments inviting deposits as defined by the Act.

The West Bengal Protection of Interest of Depositors in Financial Establishments Act was published in the Kolkata Gazette dt. 14.5.2015. Concurrently, the Economic Offences Investigation Cell(EOIC) under Finance Department was sought to be strengthened through creation of a separate Directorate of Economic Offences and merging the Cell in the Directorate. In terms of Notification No. 3096-PL/PV/14M-56/16 dt. 14/07/2016 finally this Directorate comes under Home Department.

While the Directorate has its headquarters in Kolkata, an officer has been designated as the Nodal Officer in each district and Commissionerate outside Kolkata and the list is available on this website. It is urged to contact the Directorate and the Nodal Officers for all matters pertaining to the provisions of the Act.

Shri Gyanwant Singh, IPS
Directorate of Economic Offences
West Bengal